Lee Stafford comes to Hair Ministry, Ipswich

Celebrity hairdresser Lee Stafford shares…….

Hair Ministry team were surprised with the celebrity hairdresser Lee Stafford in association with Redken coming into our Ipswich salons for the day!


Our team was given a rare opportunity to be inspired and learn top skills and techniques from a well known London based hairdresser from Essex. Lee came to us and began his session by his story of how his amazing career began out of his mum’s dining room. Lee disciplined himself to attend as many hair shows, seminars and courses to learn as much as possible about the trade. Lee believes the key is to “ask lots of questions”. To not be afraid of wanting to know everything and to have confidence.

Lee taught the team advanced cutting techniques talking them through step by step whilst answering various questions from the team. These new skills were put into practice in the afternoon on 7 lucky ladies by the Hair Ministry team. Before and afters are shown on our social media pages.

Lee has induced new levels of motivation and excitement throughout our team and we are hungry for more. We may be lucky for Lee Stafford to be returning to us later in the year so keep an eye out for the chance to win a Lee Stafford inspired hairstyle!

It is important for the company to be able to provide you with the newest and most advanced skills possible. We believe learning from the best can only bring you the highest skilled hairdressers in Ipswich!

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