The Teams

Pinewood Salon Team
Hannah – Salon Manager
Hannah – Salon Manager Salon Manager
Rosie – Assistant Manager/Creative Stylist
Rosie – Assistant Manager/Creative Stylist Creative Stylist
Donna P – Creative Stylist
Donna P – Creative Stylist Creative Director

Creative Director

Natalie – Creative Stylist/Educator
Natalie – Creative Stylist/Educator Creative Director

Company Educator / Creative Director

How did you get to where you are today?

"With training and working hard. I have a great team to work with."

How would you describe yourself?

"I am fun, passionate and anything goes with me."

Tell us a random fact about yourself.......

"I am really scared of killer whales and I am a massive Michael Bolton fan."

Who is your celeb inspiration?

"Victoria Beckham"

What is your desert island product?

"My eyeliner!"

Skills Ladies hair cutting Blow drying Hair colouring Gent's hair cutting
Bridie – Creative Stylist
Bridie – Creative Stylist Creative Director
Cherice – Senior Stylist
Cherice – Senior Stylist Senior Stylist
Maisie – Apprentice
Maisie – Apprentice Assistant
Lily-Mae – Apprentice
Lily-Mae – Apprentice Apprentice
Skye Assistant

Capel St Mary Team
Emily – Salon Manager
Emily – Salon Manager Salon Manager
Katie – Creative Stylist
Katie – Creative Stylist Creative Director



Charley – Senior Stylist
Charley – Senior Stylist Senior Stylist
Lisa – Senior Stylist
Lisa – Senior Stylist Senior Stylist
Lily – Stylist
Lily – Stylist Stylist
Amy – Salon Co-Ordinator
Amy – Salon Co-Ordinator Salon Coordinator

Foxhall Road Team
Abby – Salon Manager
Abby – Salon Manager Salon Manager
Melissa – Assistant Manage/Creative Stylist
Melissa – Assistant Manage/Creative Stylist Creative Director
Tia – Creative Stylist/Educator
Tia – Creative Stylist/Educator Creative Director
Carly – Creative Stylist
Carly – Creative Stylist Creative Director
Matt – Creative Stylist
Matt – Creative Stylist Creative Director
Tom – Creative Stylist
Tom – Creative Stylist Senior Stylist
Bex – Creative Stylist
Bex – Creative Stylist Creative Stylist
Alice – Senior Stylist
Alice – Senior Stylist Senior Stylist


Shan Senior Stylist
Aimee – Apprentice
Aimee – Apprentice Assistant
Morgan – Apprentice
Morgan – Apprentice Assistant
Ella B – Apprentice
Ella B – Apprentice
Yasmin – Beauty Manager
Yasmin – Beauty Manager Beauty Manager
Louisa – Beauty Manager
Louisa – Beauty Manager Senior Beauty Therapist
Megan – Senior Beauty Therapist
Megan – Senior Beauty Therapist Senior Beauty Therapist
Chloe – Lash Technician
Chloe – Lash Technician Lash Technician
Tia – Beauttiaful Brows – Brow Technician
Tia – Beauttiaful Brows – Brow Technician Lash & Brows
Jess – Beauty Therapist
Jess – Beauty Therapist Beauty Therapist
Christine – Salon Co-Ordinator
Christine – Salon Co-Ordinator Salon Coordinator
Emma – Salon Co-Ordinator
Emma – Salon Co-Ordinator Salon Co-ordinator

Salon Co-Ordinator

Kesgrave Team
Charlie – Salon Manager
Charlie – Salon Manager Salon Manager

Charlie is the salon manager at our Kesgrave salon and highly skilled in all aspects of hair styling. She specialises in colour correction, balayage and cutting. Charlie is also one of our hair extension technicians.


Ellie- Assistant Manager/Creative Stylist
Ellie- Assistant Manager/Creative Stylist Creative Stylist

Ellie is a Creative Director at our Kesgrave salon. She loves all aspects of colour but she specialises in Balayage, creating a perfect, natural blend everytime! Ellie also specialises in long hair cutting and styling, she also loves to create the perfect bob.



Lucie – Creative Stylist
Lucie – Creative Stylist Creative Stylist

Lucie is a Creative Director at our Kesgrave salon. Lucie is highly experienced in all aspects of colouring and cutting. She loves to get creative with bold colours and specialises in short hair cutting. 

Steph – Senior Stylist
Steph – Senior Stylist Senior Stylist
Suzie – Senior Stylist
Suzie – Senior Stylist Senior Stylist
Téa – Stylist
Téa – Stylist Stylist
Lucy – Stylist
Lucy – Stylist Stylist
Aaliyah – Apprentice
Aaliyah – Apprentice Assistant
Emma – Apprentice
Emma – Apprentice Apprentice
Kelly – Salon Co-ordinator
Kelly – Salon Co-ordinator