Donna G & Wayne

Donna G is the Salon Owner and Managing Director of the company. Over 19 years she has built up a chain of hair and beauty salons that appeals to all demographics and being ‘out of town’ means prices are reasonable. Her main priority is client satisfaction and is only interested in offering high standard of work and great customer service. Donna is a big advocate for education. The stylists & beauticians have amazing training plans to keep them up to date with the latest treatments and hair designs.

Donna is always happy to receive feedback and you can contact her at 

Wayne is husband and business partner to Managing Director Donna. He is an electrician by trade that has transformed our salons into the contemporary, stylish and inviting spaces that they are today. Wayne works extremely hard backstage to ensure our everyday practices are possible. Having the same work ethic and business goals as Donna makes them an unbreakable team.