Senior stylist

How did you get to where you are today?

“With a lot of hard work and passion for styling hair. I have always been artistic and I feel hairdressing allows me to express my creative side.”

How would you describe yourself?

“I would say I am caring, funny, a perfectionist, honest and a bit of a joker.”

Tell us a random fact about yourself……..

“I don’t drink coffee at home and I don’t drink tea at work”

Who is your celeb inspiration?

“Emma Willis has a flawless look and Rita Ora because of her quirkiness!”

What is your desert island product?

“Any colour safe shampoo to keep my reds vibrant.”


  • Ladies hair cutting
  • Ladies hair blow drying
  • Occasion hair
  • Hair colouring
  • Gent’s hair cutting

Carly’s Work

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