Staff Structure – What Does Each Level Mean?

Staff Structure at Hair Ministry Group, Ipswich

Ever wondered what the difference is between a ‘Stylist’ and a ‘Senior Stylist’? Not sure what staff level to book your next hairdressing appointment with? Here, we explain exactly what each staff level entails at our hair salons in Ipswich.

Style Director

Ipswich Hair SalonAll Hair Ministry Directors have a long period of experience in the hairdressing sector and work with a regular repeat client base. They will certainly be a member of the training team and creative team.






Salon Manager

jo selfie resizeAll Hair Ministry managers have a significant amount of experience working with a large, repeat client base and all have been trained as a colour master. They are good motivational leaders who guide our successful teams.






Senior Stylist

Ipswich Hair Salon ColourAll Hair Ministry senior stylists are all at NVQ Level 2 or higher. They have at least over 4 years’ experience and have proven good client retention. They will be highly accomplished hairstylists and have potential to move into
management roles.







Ipswich Hair Salon TopAll Hair Ministry stylists are fully trained with an NVQ Level 2 and will have been working for over 3 years. They are competent stylists that are building their clientele using Hair Ministry high standards and guidance. They will also have attained a barbering qualification.






Graduate Stylist

charlie selfieAll Hair Ministry graduate stylists will have attained an NVQ Level 2 and are working on applying that knowledge and our high standards to build confidence and learn skills to develop into an individual stylist.






Beauty Therapists

rebecca-shrinking-violet-wrap-beauty-treatment-foxhall-salon-ipswichAll Hair Ministry beauty therapists are fully trained at NVQ Level 2 or higher. They have individual specialist areas that we are proud to offer our client base. Each beautician has a high level of professionalism and discretion that encourages confidence in our clients to return.







ellie selfieAll Hair Ministry apprentices are fresh into the hairdressing industry and are being guided through Hair Ministry high standards whilst learning an NVQ Level 2 by our in house trainers.