Shrinking Violet Body Wrap at Hair Ministry Ipswich

Shrinking Violet Body Wrap at Hair Ministry Ipswich

Shrinking Violet Wrap, Ipswich

Shrinking Violet appointments book very fast for this popular fat loss body wrap.  Book your Shrinking Violet appointment today by calling Hair Ministry, Pinewood on 01473 687758.

OK, so the secret is out! The revolutionary Shrinking Violet wrap is available at Hair Ministry Hair Salon in Ipswich!

Want to lose a dress size in a day?

Want to lose inches in problem areas?

Want to kick out fat cells and kick start a new, slimmer and healthier you?

Then book in for your first treatment and begin losing those inches.... We are proud to be the very first salon in Ipswich to offer the Shrinking Violet wrap from Tibby Olivier.

*Now introducing the new Shrinking Violet Booster which is  a super-concentrated serum to shrink inches - upgrade for an additional £12!

Shrinking Violet Wrap | £55 

Shrinking Violet Wrap with Facial | £60 

Shrinking Violet Wrap + Booster | £67 

Shrinking Violet Wrap with Facial + Booster | £ 72

Shrinking Violet Wrap Belly Buster | £35

Course of 6 Shrinking Violet Wrap Sessions | £310

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How does the Shrinking Violet wrap work?

This luxurious pain free treatment takes a total of 2 hours and is available at Hair Ministry.  This revolutionary Shrinking Violet fat busting body wrap removes unwanted fat with no pain or discomfort.  Unlike other body wraps that work by dehydration, the Shrinking Violet wrap uses lipolysis to break down fat cells.

Lipolysis is especially effective for problem areas such as buttocks, arms, thighs, and stomach where triglycerides are changed to free fatty acid, ready to be excreted in tissue fluid and transported to the lymphatic system.  More frequent urination is to be expected in the first 1 to 2 days after treatment and is completely normal.

The amount of fat reduction from the Shrinking Violet wrap depends on your build but many of our clients see fantastic results of reducing a whole dress size in just one treatment!

During the actual Shrinking Violet treatment, after your initial consultation your measurements are recorded and the treatment starts with body brushing to encourage blood circulation and rid the skin of dead cells.  The special Shrinking Violet body oil is applied to your body and you are then wrapped in the special Shrinking Violet wrap.  You are wrapped for an hour and have the option at Hair Ministry to upgrade your Shrinking Violet treatment with a signature Dermalogica express facial for an additional £10.  This relaxing treatment is 120 minutes in total, 60 minutes wrapped and we advise you to not shower until the following day to really allow the Shrinking Violet oil to penetrate the skin for maximum results.

The Shrinking Violet inch loss effects will continue to work for the next 72 hours.  In order to see the full benefits of the Shrinking Violet wrap, we advise you to avoid alcohol, fizzy drinks and caffeine for the first 24 hours after your wrap.

Possible Contra-indications that can stop you having this treatment are:

Allergic to soya beans
Respiratory problems
High/Low blood pressure
Thyroid problems
Liver disease
Heart disease
Breast feeding
Open cuts, abrasions, open wounds
Severe eczema or Psoriasis
Unexplained swelling/inflammation
Other allergies/skin rashes
Surgery in the past 3 months


·         Avoid tea/coffee/alcohol/fizzy drinks for at least 24 hours

·         Avoid exercise for at least 24 hours

·         Drink plenty of water, ideally about 1-2 litres a day for the next 72 hours

·         Avoid bathing/showering for 8 hours to allow the product to be absorbed

·         Follow a healthy lifestyle to include a balanced diet with exercise

·         You may notice an increase in urination over 72 hours – this is completely normal


Download your aftercare advice sheet here

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  1. Do you do the shrinking violet wrap at foxhall road banch? I am interested in the marh deal with a mini Facial for £45 on the 31st march if you have any free appointments.

    1. Hi Rosanna. Yes the shrinking violet wrap is available at Foxhall RD. Our beautician is available on Mondays and Wednesdays there for that particular service. If you would like to book in please call either 687758 or 716654. Thank you

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