Schwarzkopf silver shampoo


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For hair showing unwanted yellow tone direction or is white and needs subtle silver tone direction.

Patented pH 4.5 Balancer Technology not only seals the surface of coloured hair like conventional colour care does, but most importantly, it freezes the colour pigments deep inside the hair matrix for ultimate colour perfection.

Gently yet effectively cleanses hair and scalp. Strengthens the hair structure. Helps to optimise the pH level to 4.5. Neutralises unwanted warm undertones. Preserves and revives cool tone directions. Adds a cendré shimmer to white hair and very light bases.

During cleansing, a blue-violet dye is subtly deposited on the hair to refresh or add a cool tone direction, while caring ingredients helps to improve hair condition.

To use: Apply to wet hair and massage. Rinse thoroughly.