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Acrylic Nail Sculpturing Services at Hair Ministry Group Beauty Salons in Ipswich

If you want to lengthen your nails or repair a broken or damaged nail...then this is the page for you! At Hair Ministry Group beauty salons in Ipswich, Marianna and her team of nail tech wizards offer excellent nail enhancement systems which give great results.

They can all lengthen short nails by sculpting form, or alternatively over layed directly onto the nail plate to strengthen natural nails.

When applying a full set of enhancements to a new client, we like to start with a full consultation because our different systems have varying application methods.

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Under 16's require parental consent

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Acrylic Sculpturing or 'Nail Extensions' - Top Beauty Salons Ipswich

A sculptured nail extension is where the nails are extended without applying tips. This is achieved by building the acrylic or gel in front of the free edge to the desired length on a paper from. When the acrylic/gel is set, the form is removed and the nail shaped and finished off.

This type of nail extension is very strong and feels light and natural on the fingers. There is no sticking on tips or blending in. Sculptured pink and white's have always been thought to be done by the most skilful of nail technicians and avoided by the average technician.

To apply acrylic, a brush is dipped into liquid and then into a powder. This creates a small ball (or bead) of product that is applied to create a hard protective layer over your nails. It hardens by exposure to the air. Professional removal of acrylic is very easy by having the product soaked off in the salon, followed by a moisturizing manicure.

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