Summer Hair Trends 2021

Want to know what's hot in the hair world this summer? We've put together some of the hottest hair trends, created by us, which are set to be popular for the upcoming months. Have a flick through and don't forget to save any images for inspo on your next visit!

Shag Haircut Hair Ministry Ipswich

The Shag

A modern twist on the 80's shag! This look is all about the choppy ends, layers around the crown and lots of texture. What's great is this works on pretty much all hair types, we would just adjust the amount of layering depending on your hair. The perfect fringe is what compliments this hair cut so well and less is more. Undone and a little messy is how you want this to look, not perfectly blow dried!

Boxy Bob Haircut Hair Ministry Ipswich

The Boxy Bob

A great style for anyone with finer hair, all one length (meaning very minimal layers) and no angle to make it longer at the front. This creates a blunt, fresher, fuller look on the ends. You could also add a fringe to add some more dimension to the cut. Perfect styled straight but our favourite is with a slight wave, here Abby has used the GHD Platinum + Stylers to achieve this look.

Curtain Bangs Hair Ministry Ipswich

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are a perfect way to add some softness around the face, they look great if you wear your hair up a lot too. Typically they are graduated in length starting shorter towards the face, getting longer as you come away from the face. As the name suggests, they part in the middle, creating a curtain effect. They are slightly lower maintenance compared to a full fringe. Depending on your hair type you may find they sit well naturally or you may need to blow dry them and use some heated stylers or rollers to get the desired look. We like to use the GHD Soft Curl Tong to create the look in the picture.

Bold Hair Colour Hair Ministry Ipswich

Bold Colours

Oh we do love getting creative with something bold! There's been all sorts of takes on bold colours leaving the salon lately, from bright pink, blue melting in to purple and even a half pink half silver. We have a full range of vivid colours and we also stock home hair care because as much as bold colours are great, they are very high maintenance. If you're thinking of going for something bold, book your complimentary colour consultation now so we can create a bespoke hair care plan for you!

Summer Blonde Hair Hair Ministry Ipswich

Summer Blonde

We are all over this sun kissed blonde look! This is more of a natural blonde, with a slight golden tone, compared to the very white/silver blondes we have seen a lot of in previous years. The best way to achieve this blonde depends on what colour your hair is to start with, we could start with highlights or if your hair is naturally quite light we could use our high lift BlondMe range. Book in for a complimentary colour consultation now and lets begin your blonde hair care journey!