Schwarzkopf Blush Colours – Just £15.95!

SKFP instant blush

Schwarzkopf Blush colours are now available to purchase at our hair salons in Ipswich

BlondMe Instant Blush is a fast, creative and convenient way to get the pastel look without the commitment of permanent or semi–permanent hair colour. These pastel tones add a flair of sophistication to any style but do not overwhelm and can be worn anywhere – available to buy now from our hair salons in Ipswich.

Personalise your look by placing slices of soft pastel through blonde lengths. Apply colour from the ends up for a pastel dip dye effect. To softly neutralise your blonde, use BlondMe Instant Blush Ice or, for a stronger effect, use Steelblue for stronger neutralisation of your blonde.

The 3 BLONDME signature techniques: LightMe!, BlushMe! and MermaidMe! reveal the beauty of blondes with versatile techniques that create astonishing beach and soft pastel looks.

Contact your nearest Hair Ministry Group salon today for more information.