Romantic Hairstyle Ideas 2016

Put Romance in your Hair with these Fabulously Frivolous Hairstyle Ideas just in time for Valentines Day at Hair Ministry Hair & Beauty Salons, Ipswich

Fancy some fun on Valentines Day?  Whether you’ll be spending time with the love of your life, or still looking for them, it matters not.  Putting Romance into your Hair is guaranteed to make you look and feel great and if a few heads turn as a result, that’s a bonus right?

Hair Ministry Hair & Beauty Salons, Ipswich now have 3 salons in the Ipswich area to choose from (Pinewood Salon, Capel St Mary Salon and Foxhall Road Salon), so there’s bound to be one near you!  Offering complete and comprehensive hair services, across all of our 3 salons, including hair cut, hair style, colour and of course special occasion hair, we know you won’t be left wanting this Valentines Day. And if you’d like to team up with one of our beauty treatments, you’ll find them at our Pinewood Salon, Ipswich.

Here are just a few fun and frivolous romantic hairstyle ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

Waves and Curls (Natural or Salon Created)

One of the most romantic hairstyles ever has to be a curly bun!  With its timeless attraction, it’s sure to get you noticed.  Shorter hair?  Why not try a sensational yet cute, curly bob… put some bounce in that romantic hair of yours!

Braids & Plaits

Wow!  The list of Braids and Plaits are endless.  Whether you go for a simple, yet surprisingly sexy, single low down plait, that’s just perfect for finer hair, or a half up, half down hairstyle on Valentines Day, you’ll be creating your own unique ‘lock’ of love, which is bound to turn heads.  Adding a combination, will set temperatures soaring – watch out!

Sleek, Shiny and oh So Stylish

Elegant, sophisticated, sexy and fun?  You really can’t go wrong with a side, over the shoulder ponytail.  Adding curls will not only add an extra dimension but also an extra texture to contend with…let’s see how long it takes him to touch!   Want something a little more simple?  Opt for a loose ponytail, you choose just how much you want to reveal!

Valentines Day Hair Appointments

Choose the Ministry of Hair Salon, Ipswich that’s best for you, to book your Valentines Day appointment.  For our Pinewood Salon please call 01473 687 758.  For our Capel St Mary Salon please call 01473 310 273 or for our Foxhall Road Salon please call 01473 716 654 now.