NEW Strong Bonds by Schwarzkopf Professional


NEW Strong Bonds System at Hair Ministry Group Hair Salons in Ipswich

A New Era of Hair Bonding Services for Superior Hair Quality…

strong-bonds-hair-ministryEntering a new era of hair bonding services, Schwarzkopf Professional introduces Strong Bonds – a brand new category of products with integrated Bonding Technology, providing superior, rebonded hair quality with any service.

Whether you’re having your hair lifted, lightened or coloured, you are guaranteed uncompromised results with this amazing professional system.

Bonding Technologies Are Revolutionising The Hair Industry. Why?

Bonds in the hair give cohesion and strength to the structure; they strongly bind all components together. But over-processing can weaken the bonds in your hair and lead to damage and hair breakage.

The Schwarzkopf Professional Bonding Technologies enable us to create new bonds within the hair and protect it from breakage. The result: hair that is strong, supple and full of shine. 

Strong Bond Services Available…


The 1st Bond Enforcing Service by Schwarzkopf Professional, formulated for hair that you want to lighten, lift or colour.

Why you need it:

What do you do if you want an extreme hair colour change or a totally new look – but your concerned about damaging your hair by colouring or bleaching? You now have good news: The FIBREPLEX Bond Enforcing System.

Why you will love it:

FIBREPLEX enables us to lighten, lift and colour your hair without compromising on hair quality! For up to 94% less hair breakage*, creation of new bonds and long-lasting colour protection**. Nothing can stop a change!


With IGORA ROYAL HIGHLIFTS – The 1st Cool Blonde & Bond Highlift Service by Schwarzkopf Professional, formulated for cool blondes and those who want to be.

Why you need it: 

Many clients want a cool blonde look but are afraid to damage their hair in the process. Say goodbye to these concerns thanks to new IGORA ROYAL Highlifts.

Why you will love it: 

IGORA ROYAL Highlifts directly incorporate with Fibre Bond Technology, straight from the tube. No more mixing in an additive, no measuring, no risk of overdosing! We can create the coolest blondes ever from IGORA ROYAL with minimized hair breakage*.


The 1st Bond Connector Service by Schwarzkopf Professional, formulated for hair that is 10-x more resistant to breakage*

Why you need it: 

Your hair is in bad condition, dull and lifeless, it is weak with no elasticity and prone to breakage. You want a long-lasting change: something that restores your hair and protects it from future damage – no problem with new BC FIBRE FORCE. 

Why you will love it: 

With the new BC Fibre Force In-Salon Bond Connector Service you can now restore the integrity of the hair by rebonding the inner hair structure. At the deepest level it reestablishes damaged bonds for greater elasticity, resilience and strength, while additionally sealing the cuticles with a laminating shield. Hair is 10x more resistant to breakage* and 100% stronger**, soft and with shine.