Say Hello to Natural Spa Skincare

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Natural Spa has arrived at Hair Ministry Foxhall Road!

After lots of research and practice treatments on some lucky members of our team we are so excited to introduce Natural Spa to you. What's so good about this range of products? As the name suggests, all products are made up of botanically sourced ingredients derived by nature like herbs, plants and flowers, making them free from any nasties! Natural Spa was first established in Bath and is now supplied to some of the world's most prestigious spas and boutique hotels. Our aim is to offer you unique treatments, in our newly refurbished beauty rooms, where you can fully relax and enjoy a luxurious experience in the knowledge that all the skincare being used is clean, ethical and conscientiously sourced.

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All of our facial treatments include a full consultation and skin analysis so our therapists can make sure they use the right products for your skin type. We have three new facials we have just launched, Natural Spa Prescription Facial, Illuminate Facial and The Luxe Gold and Caviar Facial.

You can also book all of our treatments as a double so you can bring someone along to experience it with you!


Natural Spa Prescription Facial

During this 50 minute relaxing facial, our therapists will start with a double cleanse to remove any makeup, dirt and pollution that may be sitting on the surface area of your skin, they will also carry out a full skin analysis to determine which of our Natural Spa products will be best suited to your skin type and any problem areas you may have. All of our prescription facials include exfoliation to remove any dead skin cells and dry skin, a face massage, a mask which is prescribed to you. Finishing with a toner to close your pores and a serum to help illuminate and hydrate. While your mask is working its magic you have the option to enjoy a mini head massage. Did you know a face and head massage has so many benefits including helping to relieve puffiness around the eyes, helps with water retention, aids in relieving blocked sinuses, relieves tension and in turn can also ease headaches.

Illuminate Facial

Our Illuminate range is perfect for anybody who has sensitive skin. It's filled with actives to help reduce skin blemishes and age spots including rice bran oil, vanilla and complex fragrant white flowers to lighten blemishes, even skin–tone and reduce the appearance of age spots. The treatment lasts 50 minutes and includes a double cleanse using the Illuminate melting cleanser to help brighten. After the cleanse is an exfoliating scrub, which contains micro particles of rice to buff away dry skin, perfect for sensitive skin. A facial massage is included to help relieve any puffiness around the eyes, water retention and tension, the Illuminate mask is then applied. The key benefits of the mask is its anti ageing effect, amino acids and oryzanol which help with cell renewal and skin elasticity. Finishing your treatment is our gentle toner and hydrating moisturiser containing Vitamin E and jojoba oil to nourish and even out skin tone.

Luxe Gold & Caviar Facial

The ultimate in luxury when it comes to facials! Packed with skin loving ingredients sourced exclusively for this anti ageing, brightening treatment. We start with the Gold & Caviar melting cleanser for a double cleanse, rich in vitamins A, B, D and E with an antioxidant action that leaves skin more radiant and softened. After your cleanse we exfoliate to remove any dead skin cells and dry skin, you can then enjoy a relaxing face massage to help relieve water retention, tension and aid in relieving headaches. A mask that uses 23 carat gold is then applied, this helps to prevent the breakdown of collagen and improve skin elasticity, helping to slow down the ageing process. While your mask is on you have the option to enjoy a relaxing head massage, we then finish with a toner containing pearl powder which helps to renew skin cells and finish with a hydrating moisturiser, leaving your skin feeling velvety and smooth.

Natural Spa Price List Updated 24.9.21