Logo_amieavytalIntroducing Meso Vytal treatment to Foxhall Road, Ipswich



One of the main thoughts behind the development of the Amiea Vytal cell boost concept is how to solve the problem of conventional methods that are not able to transport substances with bigger particles into the dermal layer.

Our Vytal cell boost cartridges penetrate the epidermis very gently and place the highly effective substances directly in the problem areas. They nurture, refresh, rejuvenate and boost the cells from inside.

Your treatment begins with a mild 5% aha peel. Once your skin is prepared the serums are applied and gently infused into the skin. The skin will continue to improve for up to 5 days following each session.

A course of 6 sessions is initially recommended. The first 4 sessions taken weekly, then monthly to maintain.

What makes MESO vytal substances so effective? It´s the selection of perfectly tailored substances. Only mixed in a well-balanced cocktail they can maximize their effectiveness!myso pic

Why is this different from other skin needling treatments ?

The uniquely designed cartridge follows the contour of the skin and makes it easier to target problem areas, including wrinkles and around the eye.

This gentle treatment will not cause unnecessary trauma to healthy skin so, unlike other skin needling programmes, redness will subside within 1 to 2 hours leaving your skin visibly improved.

Meso Vytal stimulates your natural collagen stores and will not scar or snag the skin.

This treatment is available at Foxhall Road. Please call 01473 716654 to book a complimentary consultation with Marianna.

Normal Price £70.00 per treatment.

6 treatments for the price of 5 £350.00