How to Combat Frizz

Top Frizzy Hair Tips from Hair Ministry Group in Ipswich

The misty winter weather can leave the hair tangled, dull and frizzy. So if you want shiny, frizz free hair, deep conditioning hair is paramount along with other hair care practices. If you want to know what causes frizz and how to combat it, here are some top tips from the expert hair stylists at Hair Ministry hair salons in Ipswich. For help with managing dry or damaged hair or for any other queries, pop into your local Hair Ministry salon or give us a call on one of the numbers below.  You can book your hair cut, colour or hair treatment at our salon online by clicking on the pop-up button on this page, or call us on.  Never been to our salon before? Make the most of our new client offer, where you can get £10 OFF any sevice over £20. Click here to find out more.

What Causes Frizzy Hair?

How to Combat FrizzFrizz occurs when the cuticle layer of your hair is raised, allowing moisture to pass through and swell the strands. As a result, your hair appears dry and frizzy instead of smooth and defined.

On wet, windy days frizz arises due to the intense moisture in the air. The cuticle, which is the outermost layer on the hair strands, opens up and lets the outside air in when frizz occurs. This then results in your hair becoming a frizzy mess. 


Top Tips on How to Control Frizzy Hair

Condition hair regularly – What frizzy hair really wants is moisture. Therefore conditioning hair regularly is very important to keep it looking shiny and healthy. Adding intensive moisture back into your hair will help keep dry hair and breakage at bay.  At Hair ministry Group hairdressing salons in Ipswich we offer a selection of luxury deep conditioning hair treatments that will leave your hair looking healthy and glossy. If you are fed up with your hair feeling dry and brittle at the tips, investing in regular haircuts and conditioning hair treatments such as OLAPLEX will help to transform hair making it healthy & gorgeous!

Don’t brush dry hair – Because brushing disrupts the hair’s cuticle, it can also stretch the hair and cause breakage. For this reason, avoid brushing hair that is dry. A better idea is to towel-dry your frizzy hair after a shower and brush, comb or finger-comb it while it’s still wet. Then, add a small amount of moisturizing conditioner or your favorite anti-frizz product and don’t brush it any more. If you need to comb your hair, do so with wet fingers. Finger combing with wet fingers can help tame frizz and de-tangle.

Our expert hair stylist at our hair salon can advise you on the best at-home conditioner to use for your hair type. When applying conditioner, start from the tips all the way down to your ends. Avoid drenching your roots with conditioner so it can have some breathing space.

Deep condition hair –  If your hair is colour treated or is damaged from styling, our expert hair stylists can use Schwarzkopf’s FIBREPLEX to help strengthen hairThanks to its cutting-edge Bond Enforcing System, FIBREPLEX is Schwarzkopf Professional’s first technical service to significantly reduce hair breakage during the lightening, highlighting or colouring process. Your hair will be less frizzy and feel smoother and shinier. 

Finger comb hair to distribute oils. To comb frizzy hair effectively, apply a moisture-locking dry oil to your hair to acts as a barrier and keep the liquids from penetrating. Wet your fingers and run them through sections of your hair to detangle any knots. 

Have a Brazillian blow dry treatment – A keratin or Brazillian blow dry hair treatment will eliminate up to 95% of frizz and curl so your hair will become silkier and more manageable. We can now transform frizzy, coarse and curly hair into smooth, shiny, soft hair for up to 60 days with the amazing L’Oréal Xtenso Moisturist Hair Smoothing treatment.

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