Healthy Winter Hair

Tips for Healthy Winter Hair from Hair Ministry Hair Salons in Ipswich

The chilly weather is here again and it’s taking its toll on your hair. In the winter months hair needs more attentionSo it’s time to start thinking about ways to protect our hair from the damage that the winter elements can cause. Here are five tips that will help you maintain healthy, beautiful hair this season, brought to you by the afro hair experts at Hair Ministry hair salons in Ipswich. For help with managing dry or damaged hair or for any other queries, pop into your local Hair Ministry salon or give you local hair ministry salon a call.

Trim Hair to Beat Split Ends In Winter 

Irrespective of how well you take care of your hair during winter, you cannot entirely escape split ends. The surest way to deal with split ends is getting a regular haircut.  At our Ipswich hairdressing & beauty salons our team of  hairstyling experts suggest regular haircuts and using professional hair care products that suit your hairs natural type and texture, to help strengthen and maintain a healthy, shiny head of hair.

Prevent Irritated Scalp

Healthy Winter HairIn winter, a bad hair day can become a few terrible hair months. As the weather gets colder, this can cause your scalp to peel and become itchy. While this is usually only temporary, it is still a problem you do not want. 

Applying a natural oil to the hair ensures it is well hydrated with essential moisture and nutrients. At our Ipswich hair salons, we stock only the very best hair products, perfect for your everyday hair care and styling needs. Pop into our salon anytime for some advice on the best hair care products for itchy scalp.


Prevent Dull & Brittle Hair During Winter

Healthy Winter Hair

Dull and brittle hair is caused by heat and friction, which damages the air cuticle structure. Too much heat and friction can also disrupt the hair structure, whilst roughening and damaging the cuticles in the process. Keeping hair conditioned will also help to prevent static electricity. Rich conditioning treatments with oil extracts help prevent damage and repair the hair cuticles making them smoother.

At Hair ministry Group hairdressing salons in Ipswich we offer a selection of luxury deep conditioning hair treatments that will leave your hair looking healthy and glossy. If you are fed up with your hair feeling dry and brittle at the tips, investing in regular haircuts and conditioning hair treatments such as OLAPLEX will help to transform hair making it healthy & gorgeous!

Eat A Balanced Diet

Healthy Winter HairDiet also plays a significant role in combating dull hair, so ensure your diet is getting you all the minerals and vitamins your hair needs – in particular,  A, C & D, protein and omega 3.  By following a healthy, balanced eating plan, you can achieve hair that is stronger, shinier and thicker hair. Food that helps with the growth of hair can also help you achieve lustrous shiny and resilient hair from the inside out.