Hairstyles for Face Shapes

Hairstyles to complement your face shape from Hair Ministry, Ipswich

Do you know what face shape you have?  Have you ever taken a look in the mirror and studied your features, discovering your face shape? Did you know your face shape could be the key to ensuring you get a haircut and hairstyle that really suits you and complements your features.











Observe your own face in the mirror, have a look at our cartoon examples and take inspiration from celebrities with various face shapes to discover which face shape you are.  Then allow one of our hair salons in Ipswich to help you discover the perfect hairstyle for your face shape;

Hairstyles for Long Face Shapes

Long face shapes are longer than they appear wider and tend to have a prominent chin.  Be aware that if you have a long face shape, too much hair and hair that is too long will just make your face look even longer.  The best hair cut and hairstyle for long face shapes are shoulder length and shorter length hair.  If you have a long face shape, avoid a centre parting as the eye is drawn right down the middle and longest part of the face, again making your face appear longer.

Having a long face shape will most probably mean you have a long forehead.  If you really can’t part with your long locks, a thick blunt fringe can really help shorten the face length and make you look ultra feminine.  If your forehead is short, a fringe will just emphasise the length of the rest of your face.

When it comes to hairstyles for long face shapes, take not from Sarah Jessica Parker and why not try an upstyle that is placed either towards the side or the centre of the head, creating the illusion of width, like her large wide bun upstyle here.

Hairstyles for Round Face Shapes

If you have a round, fuller face shapes then lucky you! These round face shapes are usually youthful in appearance meaning your actual age may not match your young looking face.  Common features of a round face shape include softer rounded foreheads and chins and wide, full cheeks.

The key to creating the best hair cut and style for a round face shape is balance.  You need to add height and length to your face shape to balance out the roundness.  High up styles are perfect hairstyles for round face shapes, creating the illusion of length and height to detract from the fullness of the face.  In terms of haircuts for round faces, soft layers on top will really create texture and width around the cheekbones.  If you’re going for a shorter style, try and avoid harsh jawline hair cuts and instead opt for a graduated bob that starts from the back and tapers towards the front of the face, just under the chin. This will create the illusion of length.  A long fringe you can sweep to one side will also add length and can be very flattering.

Hair Cuts and Styles for Oval Face Shapes

If you have an oval face shape, pat yourself on the back and thank your parents for giving you what’s considered the perfect face shape!

Oval face shapes have chins and forehead areas that are in even proportion with the jawline narrower than the temple area.  The best haircut and hairstyle for an oval face shape is hard to determine – as there are so many possibilities!  With such even features, you really can experiment with a variety of haircuts and hairstyles that will suit and flatter your features.

The hairstyles and haircuts to avoid with an oval face shape are anything that brings the hair onto the face and covers up your perfect face shape.  Fringes, bangs and any haircut or style that brings the hair forward will just add weight to your face so these are best avoided.

Hairstyles and Hair Cuts for Triangular or Heart Shaped Faces

A heart shaped faced is also sometimes known as a triangular face shape.  Sometimes, people who have a hairline that comes to a point in the middle of the forehead (a widow’s peak) are famously considered to have a heart face shape but you don’t need the point in your hairline for your face shape to be classed as heart shaped.

You most probably have a heart, or inverted triangle face shape if your forehead and temple is wider than your chin and jawline.  Reese Witherspoon is a great example of someone with an inverted triangular face shape whilst Marilyn Monroe and Kourtney Kardashian proudly show off their widow’s peak.

A short bob shape is a safe and sexy style for those with heart face shapes, working great with curly or wavy hair. Fringes look fantastic with triangular and heart face shapes, especially if you do have a widow’s peak that you want to cover up. Any hairstyle with added height doesn’t tend to work too well, which is also the case for severre slicked back styles.  Instead choose a style to create volume around your jawline to balance out your features.

Hair Cuts and Styles for Square Face Shapes

A square face shape usually sports a wide forehead, wide cheeks and a wide jawline.  It is a striking, strong look with angular features, especially the jaw and square chin.

The secret to the perfect hair cut and hairstyle for a square face shape, is to create roundness and also the need to soften such strong features.  Fringes that touch the eyebrows with longer layers at the sides can be a really flattering fringe for a square face shape.

Very long, straight hairstyles accentuate a strong chin and jaw, take Demi Moore for example.  There is nothing wrong with this of course, square features do project the image of a strong personality and you may want to play on that with your hairstyle.  If you want to play a square face down, add layers, or graduate long layers at the chin and jawline to help add softness. Another away to disguise a prominent jaw is to use waves and curls to draw attention away from strong jawbones.