Glitter Lips by Beauty Boulevard

Glitter Lips by Beauty Boulevard

 Glamourous Lips



This brand new, innovative product will revolutionise lip colour as you know it. With an unbelievable staying power – one application can last up to 8 hours – you will be bowled over by its colour, shine and durability.

Each unit comes with an applicator, a Glitter Lips gloss bond and a premium glitter shade. With approx. 25 applications per box, this is one party must-have you cannot do without.


A range of colours available at only 12.95!


Application Techniques

Three easy steps to Glitter Lips

  1. Apply a thin coat of the gloss bond to clean, dry lips, carefully following the lip line. Doing just one lip at a time may help to begin with.
    Keep lips parted, allow the gloss to turn from white to clear.
  2. Slightly dampen the pad end of the applicator with water, squeezing out any excess. This helps to “pick up” the glitter and reduce waste. Dab the glitter over the gloss bond, ensuring a good, even coat.
    Check for any sticky patches (by gently patting with their finger over the glitter) and apply more glitter to those areas should it be required.
  3. Using the brush end of the applicator, dust of the excess glitter and you’re ready to go!.

Removal Techniques

To remove glitter lips, we recommend using an oil based make-up remover as it is kinder to the lips.

Soak a cotton disc in the remover and press this on to the lips and hold for 20-30 seconds, this allows the oil to penetrate the glitter and gloss bond, then gently rub in a circular motion for easy removal.

You can also use baby wipes, but this requires a little more rubbing and may irritate the lips.

Moisturise lips well afterwards.

PLEASE NOTE: If irritation occurs discontinue use. If irritation is persistent consult a healthcare practitioner.