Everything You Need To Know About Reopening

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Reopening FAQs, Booking Information & More from Hair Ministry Group Salons in Ipswich 

Following on from the Government’s announcement on Monday 22nd February, we plan to (hopefully!) reopen our salons on Monday 12th April. However, this date may be subject to change. 

The government has advised that it will not provide confirmation on our reopening until 7 days before and with this in mind, we will not begin the process of booking appointments until we feel confident the roadmap plans are staying on track.

We're just as keen as you are to get back into the salons, but with this not being a confirmed date, we are waiting until we have more information. For now, at least, we are working hard behind the scenes to make sure that we’re ready to GO!  We know how keen you will be to book your next appointment and just wanted to outline the next steps we will be taking below... 

Booking & Appointment FAQs...

Our plan is to prioritise clients we had appointments booked in from 29th December 2020 up until our reopening date - however, to keep things running smoothly until we have a 100% CONFIRMED reopening date, we will not yet be booking any appointments. 

1. If You Had An Appointment Between 29th December - 11th April

Once we are booking appointments we will firstly be contacting everybody who had an appointment scheduled between 29th December and 11th April, in strict date order.  If you fall into this category, you will be given top priority. There is no need for you to contact us and we will be in touch.

2. If You Didn’t Have An Appointment – But Want To Join Our Waiting List

Once everyone who has missed a scheduled appointment due to the lockdown has been contacted, we will be contacting everybody on our waiting list, in the order that the request was received. If you have not yet joined our waiting list and do not have an existing booking, please add your details to the waiting list here.

The waiting list is for clients who do not have an appointment during closure time but would like to book. You will receive a VIP online booking link with exclusive access to our diaries once we have contacted anyone who had an existing appointment.