What is BC Fibre Clinix?

BC Fibre Clinix is an in-salon hair treatment that sits within Schwarzkopf’s Bonding Technology range. Hair Ministry stylists can easily CLEANSE, TREAT and BOOST your hair, to transform the hair fibre back to healthy condition!

Step 1: CLEANSE with BC Fibre Clinix Tribond Shampoo
This shampoo is suitable for all hair types. It is a gentle, cleansing shampoo that will prepare the hair ready for the Fibre Clinix treatment.

Step 2: TREAT with BC Fibre Clinix Tribond Treatment for coarse or fine hair
A choice of two BC Fibre Clinix treatments that reconnect the inner hair structure for improved resilience and strength, whilst sealing the outer hair structure for better manageability and shine.

Step 3: BOOST with a choice of BC Fibre Clinix Boosters
Developed with BC Bonacure’s unique concentrated skincare-inspired technology, each BC Fibre Clinix Booster is mixed with the relevant BC Fibre Clinix Tribond Treatment to create customised care that targets inner and outer hair damage for specific hair needs.

This is a perfect in salon treatment, designed to be targeted for each specific hair type, especially for those who love Schwarzkopf BC hair care range. 

  • Unique tailored in-salon hair treatment
  • Reconstructs the hair surface
  • Up to 10x stronger hair*
  • Restores inner & outer hair structure for up to 60 days**
  • Complete sealing of hair porosity

How much is it?

BC Fibre Clinix treatment costs £12.00 

Fore more information please ask your Hair Ministry Stylist. 

*vs untreated hair **when used with BC hair care range