A Guide to Hair Care in Pregnancy

Pregnancy Hair Care from the Hair Ministry Group in Ipswich

Expecting a baby is such an exciting time for mums-to-be but here at our hairdressers in Ipswich we also know it’s a time of great change.

We’re here to help you with one aspect of your pregnancy:  your hair.  Fluctuating hormones can lead to changes in your hair which is why the team at The Hair Ministry in Ipswich has put together this pregnancy hair care guide.


We offer the latest advice on dying your hair while pregnant, and the safety of hair smoothing chemicals and perms in pregnancy.

Please consult your GP if you have any pregnancy issues or concerns.

Hairstyles for pregnant women and new mums

A lot of women experience thick, shiny hair during pregnancy.  This is because higher levels of oestrogen in your body prolong the hair growth phase.  Pregnant actress Halle Berry, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, Beyonce and supermodel Lara Stone have all had amazing hair while pregnant.

You might experience a softening of your facial features while pregnant. At The Hair Ministry we are experts at hairstyles that flatter face shapes, so let us help find the right hair style for you.

The summer months can be particularly tiring for pregnant women. You might want to look at quick and easy pregnant hairstyles so consider wearing your hair in an upstyle.  Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Kourtenay Kardashian and Pixie Geldof managed to look good with their pregnancy upstyles, while Gisele’s loose curls under a hat was simple and chic.

Shorter hair can also look great and is easy to manage if you use the right hair products.  Check out the short pregnancy hair styles on Selma Blair, Katie Holmes and pop star Pink (with her amazing post-pregnancy bod!)

Is it safe to have hair treatments while pregnant?

The level of research into using colouring, perming or smoothing chemical hair treatments in pregnancy is limited.  However, the NHS states that it is generally safe to colour your hair when pregnant because the level of chemical coming into contact with your scalp is low.  You can read the NHS guidelines on colouring your hair when pregnant by clicking here.

Many health professionals advise pregnant women to wait until their second trimester (after week 12) before using chemical hair treatments.

If you decide to colour your hair during pregnancy, we would recommend a skin test first as your skin may react to chemicals during pregnancy.  Consider highlights, lowlights or semi-permanent dyes in pregnancy as these treatments will have less contact with your skin and create fewer chemical fumes than a full head of hair colour.

Hair problems during and after pregnancy

At some stage during your pregnancy you may find that you have greasy hair or dry and brittle maternity hair.  This is due to your hormones which are working hard in your body to accommodate your growing baby. Each woman is unique so don’t be alarmed if you experience a sudden hair change in pregnancy.  Come and talk to our hair stylists at The Hair Ministry for advice.

Once the baby arrives some new mums also experience hair loss.  Usually it is only you who notices the hair loss (and it will grow back) but if you have concerns please speak to your GP or come and talk to our team at The Hair Ministry for advice.

Gifts for mums-to-be and new mums

We all need a little pampering but none more so than mums-to-be and new mums!

If you are looking for a great gift for a pregnant friend or new mum, why not treat her to a pampering treatment in one of The Hair Ministry’s beauty salons?

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