Travel Size Hair & Beauty Essentials

Travel Size Hair & Beauty Products at Hair Ministry Group Salons in Ipswich

Are you fed up of decanting your favorite hair and beauty must haves into smaller bottles so they fit inside your case and meet the strict criteria of airport security? Why not save yourself the time and effort of filling disposable bottles and treat yourself to your favourite travel sized essentials from Hair Ministry hairdressing and beauty salons in Ipswich instead? 

Ideal for holidays, camping trips or overnight stays, at our hairdressing salons in Ipswich we stock a variety of essential dinky travel sized treats that are perfectly sized for easy travelling. So look glam where ever you venture and get a hair and beauty product that is correct for your hair and skin type.

If you are looking for the best hairstylists and beauty therapists in Ipswich who can advise you on the most suitable products for you and who will recommend the perfect travel size shampoos, conditioners and hairstyling products, visit the experts at Hair Ministry Group salons.

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Skincare and hairstyling products sized to go at Hair Ministry Group Salons in Ipswich

From travel sized shampoos, travel sized conditioners, travel sized shower gels to travel sized hairstyling products, if you’re going on a trip these miniture toiletries available at our hair salons in Ipswich are an ideal way to take your favourite hair and beauty must have products with you.

If you are travelling abroad all liquid toiletries have to be under 100ml or 3.4oz in size to meet airport security requirements, so travel light with fun-size toiletries that won’t weigh you down and leave room for that extra pair of shoes! Better yet if you use them all up whilst your away it leaves extra space in your luggage to bring home soveniers and keep sakes.

Rather than paying inflated prices at the airport for generic travel size hair and beauty essentials stock up before you go and save yourself money! At our Ipswich hair and beauty salons our hair and beauty experts will suggest the most suitable products for you.

Visit the haircare experts at Hair Ministry Group Hair Salons in Ipswich 

If you would like to visit the haircare experts at any of our Ipswich hair salons or require further information on the most suitable travel sized hair & beauty essentials for you please call your local Hair Ministry Group Salon using the links below.

Don’t forget to check out our salon offers and promotions page where we offer fantastic discounted hair and beauty services in Ipswich. Why not go on your travels with a stylish new hair cut or change your hair colour for a completely fresh look for your trip? Or why not treat yourself to a luxury nail service and go with perfectly filed, flawless looking nails?