Massage Treatments

MASSAGE GRAPHICAt Hair Ministry Group Salons in Ipswich, we provide a variety of specialist massage treatments, each one tailored to your specific needs and covering everything from aches and pains to stressed, tired and dehydrated bodies.

With the help of our dedicated massage therapists, combined with the most advanced professional skincare products, a body treatment at Hair Ministry Group is guaranteed to rejuvenate, nourish and dramatically improve your well-being, all within a relaxing environment.

To find out more information about our range of massage treatments or to book your next massage appointment, contact your nearest Hair Ministry Group Salon by clicking here.

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Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

25 mins | £30.00

To relieve stress and tension in the back, neck and shoulder area. 

Full Body Massage

50 mins | £45.00

A 50 minute treatment that is designed to relieve stress and tension. Your desired pressure is used from head to toe. 



·         Drink plenty of water to help flush out toxins. Drinking two glasses of water after each drink of tea or coffee is advisable.

·         Don’t drink alcohol or smoke for the next 24 hours, this will defeat the object of the massage

·         Avoid eating heavy meals straight after a massage.

·         The oils used within the massage are there to penetrate the skin so    they can be absorbed into the system to deliver the best results this means try not to shower or bathe directly after the treatment as well as getting into saunas or steam rooms for 6-8 hours after treatment.

·         In the process of healing you may feel tired, achy or restless and this is perfectly normal, try to relax throughout the rest of the day.

·         People that suffer from knots, having a massage once a week will really help this however, if you are having the treatment just for relaxation this can be whenever you please.


Download your aftercare advice sheet here