How to Change Dark Hair Colour to Blonde!

Going from brunette to blonde at Hair Ministry Group Salons in Ipswich

If you want a gorgeous new hair colour this winter, visit the Hair Ministry hair salons in Ipswich. Our experienced team of hair colour technicians are here to fix all your hair colouring problems. Don’t forget, we offer a massive 50% OFF hair colour every Thursday! Here, we share some top tips on changing your hair colour from brunette to blonde…

Colouring dark hair to light blonde – all you need to know…

It’s common that when going through a hair colour disaster, the first thing you want to do is correct the issue yourself. It can be very tempting to think you can fix your hair colour problem by sticking a box dye over the top! This is not the case and can lead to further complications. It is vital that you visit a professional hair stylist when going from brunette to blonde.  

From brassy highlights to correcting hair dye that has been left on for too long or not long enough,  our expert corrective hair colouring technicians in Ipswich have seen them all and will customise the perfect hair colour for you.  When corrected by one of the professional hair colour technicians at our salon, your hair will look natural – and most importantly remain in good condition. Toners, treatments and regular salon visits are a must if you are too keep your tresses looking tip-top and protect your hair from breakage.

What’s the best way to correct brassy orange & yellow tones?

Firstly, if you’re going from dark to blonde at home be aware that you’re probably not going to get the natural-looking results you’re after. 

For a lighter look, a colour removal is applied to hair before creating a new gorgeous colour for your hair. The process is iterated until all traces of the damaged hair colour are gone. 

For a darker shade, two different colour applications are required. The first application gives your hair the pigments needed to hold on to the new darker tone. The second brings out the perfect dark shade for your hair.


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