COVID-19 Secure


The Latest Update

As you can imagine, these guidelines are regularly being updated by the Government so please rest-assured that we also update our procedures at the same time. There are some updates we need to make you aware of. These are:


Upon reopening the salons from April 12th 2021, we will be offering tea, coffee & water in disposable cups. Please continue to bring your own drink to your appointment if you prefer. Food is NOT allowed to be consumed in the hair salons and clients are only allowed to remove their face mask or covering to take sips of their drink. 

Test & Trace

Taking part in the NHS Test & Trace will be mandatory from 18th September 2020 which is why we have to keep a record of all our clients.  When you visit, please scan the QR code displayed at reception by using the NHS Covid-19 App. If you do not have the app we have your details on record but the app is the easiest option 

Download the app

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Managing the risk of Covid-19

These unprecedented times have dictated a new way of working for many, especially those in the hair & beauty industry as we must work in close contact with our clients. The Coronavirus (Covid-19) may have forced a break, be confident we are not going anywhere! Here at Hair Ministry, we believe nothing is impossible and know that all of us are capable of evolving and adapting. So, that's exactly what we have done.

Yes, our delivery of service to you may be different but it does not take away from the high quality of work and the amazing personalities of our team. We are here to make you feel amazing again! We are greatly anticipating welcoming you through the salon doors.

Our salons meet the required government guidelines of managing the risk of Covid-19. We have been thorough with implementing the following

  •  A walk through risk assessment at each salon location (view example below)
  •  Protective screens at reception, basin areas & between sections less than 1 metre apart
  •  Handwashing/sanitising facilities 
  •  Sterilizing equipment throughout the salons
  •  Disposable towels, masks and gloves etc
  •  Face masks for the team and clients
  •  Visors or goggles for the team
Staying covid secure

What To Expect On Your Visit

The way of working and delivering of service to our clients has had to change and adapt to protect the health & safety of both our staff and clients. Here is our guide as to what you can expect when visiting Hair Ministry Salons....

Booking & Consultation

  • Clients will receive a text/email asking to fill out a disclaimer before their arrival
  • COLOUR CLIENTS: For all new clients, existing clients that have medical changes, applied a colour during lockdown or not had a colour with us within six months will require a new colour consultation with a patch test and strand test. A booking will need to be scheduled at least 48 hours prior to the appointment.

Patch test update

  • If it is your first appointment from lockdown and ONLY require a patch test and not a full consultation (determined on the phone when booking) we will book a time for you to attend the salon to complete a small form and receive the patch test at reception or outside the salon. A patch test will be required with a 2 week clear window after each vaccination. 
  • If you require a full consultation, this will be booked as an appointment and clients are to follow same procedure as full appointments
  • It will be business BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. No walk-ins.
  • As the waiting area is closed, we kindly ask to wait outside following social distancing guidelines of 2 meters apart or in your car 
  • Please arrive at the salon door at your appointment time
  • Wellness questions will be asked at the point of booking and upon arrival
  • There will be less clients in the salon at any one time to adhere to the distancing measures.
  • For a temporary time, we will be opening for longer hours so we can ensure we have time to see as many of you as possible.

Protective Equipment

  • You will find all staff wearing masks, visors or goggles
  • All staff carrying out close contact services (i.e hairdressers/beauty therapists) will wear a visor, mask and apron
  • We kindly ask all clients (except children 5 & under) to wear a mask entering the salon, for the duration of the appointment and until you exit the salon.
  • Upon arrival you will be given your own individually wrapped bag containing a gown and towel
  • A protective screen will be in those areas that are difficult following the 2-meter distancing
no mags

Arriving at the Salon

  • Please arrive at the salon door at your appointment time
  • You will be greeted by the receptionist or stylist/beautician at the salon door for a temperature check & to complete a wellness questionnaire if you do not complete it beforehand
  • We kindly ask clients to arrive alone and with limited belongings. 
  • You will be asked to place your coat/belongings in an individual plastic box.
  • You will be asked to sanitize your hands before you are seated
  • We are unable to offer reading material, but you may bring your own
  • We will offer tea, coffee and water in disposable cups but you may bring your own if you wish. Food is NOT permitted. 
personal service


  • There will be no offering of dry cuts. Every client must have their hair washed.
  • Each client will have their own fresh gown & towel
  • All equipment is well sterilized after each use
  • Some treatments may not be available for a temporary time. This will be advised by reception
  • Every client must stay at their designated section and only be guided to another part of the salon by your stylist/beautician/assistant throughout the duration of your appointment.

Salon Exit

  • At reception, a protective screen is between the client and the till.
  • NO CASH payments. Only card payments accepted, and contactless payment is preferred where possible.
  • Gift cards & e-vouchers are accepted as a valid form of payment
  • Our regular discounts have been suspended until further notice, this includes redeeming loyalty points.
  • NHS discount is valid on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Terms & conditions apply.
  • Please do not handle the retail products, a member of staff will assist you
  • Appointment cards will not be given out. Future appointment confirmations will be sent out via email or feel free to make a note yourself with your own pen/diary

Risk Assessments

The most important factor for Hair Ministry is the safety of our team and our clients. It is imperative we are meticulous in making sure our salons are as safe as possible. Many control measures have been put in place to reduce the risk from Coronavirus (Covid-19). Risk assessments are carried out ona  regular basis and any changes are added and tailored to each individual salon. 

For your confidence you can view our Covid-19 Risk Assessments. 

July 2020 - Dec 2020 Risk Assessment_Covid-19
April 2021 Restart Covid-19 risk assessment


Disinfection for the Hair & Beauty Industry

Hair Ministry salons stock and use Barbicide disinfectant for tools and equipment. All our salons are dedicated to managing infection control and providing safe services. 

Hair Ministry stylists and beauty therapists each hold a Barbicide Certification and now Covid-19 Certification.

Barbicide Covid 19 Certificate
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