Charity of the Year 2018

Hair Ministry Group, Ipswich supports British Heart Foundation

Over the past few years some of our beloved team members, unfortunately, have had some experience with heart conditions. It is from these regrettable experiences that have ignited the compassion of the whole Hair Ministry team to commit to raising funds for the charity that supports the most vital organ that keeps us all going. 

Here at Hair Ministry, we believe in the importance of protecting and supporting the health of our closest loved ones and every heart that beats. So, our fabulous, caring and creative team members are striving to raise £800 by the end of the year for the British Heart Foundation. 

We have already raised £881.00 from our Christmas raffle at the end of 2017, which we are incredibly proud of! Be prepared to witness raffles, bake sales and other events that will help us achieve our target of £800 in 2018.  

If you would like to help us then you can donate via our JustGiving page or get involved with our events by purchasing raffle tickets or buying a yummy cake. You will also find charity collection pots in each of the salons.

We appreciate that we can not achieve our goal without you and for that we owe you a massive THANK YOU!