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New to Hair Ministry - The Gel Bottle

We're excited to now be offering The Gel Bottle BIAB system. BIAB otherwise known as Builder In A Bottle is a file off builder gel, ideal for creating a strong overlay to ensure a strengthening barrier on your natural nails. What's great is we have lots of colours to choose from whether natural's your thing, pretty spring pastels or bold and bright. 

Other benefits of BIAB include:

  • Helps strengthen to aid in growth of natural nails
  • Easy to profesionally file/soak off = 0 damage to natural nails
  • Highly pigmented colour range
  • More staying power
  • 100% cruelty free
  • Vegan

Long Lasting OPI Gel Nail Polish at Hair Ministry Group Beauty Salons, Ipswich

Our hands and our nails go through so much each day and well manicured and coloured nails need to have the staying power to keep up with our faced paced modern day lives.

Hair Ministry  is proud to provide gel nail services in Ipswich from the world's leading professional nail care brand - OPI.  OPI nails have been the world leader for many years when it comes to professional nails and the recognisable bottle and brush has been synonymous with the best salon nail services.

OPI GelColor nails are one of OPI's newest professional nail services, allowing qualified nail technicians to deliver OPI's signature rich colours to their clients with the most long lasting gel nail results.

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Treatment Price

File & polish £18.00 

Manicure/Pedicure £27.50 

French Manicure £30.00 

Gel Manicure/Pedicure £ 30.00 (French + £2)

Gel Manicure/Pedicure & Soak Off £36.00 (French + £2)

Gel Soak Off £12.00

BIAB Gel Builder & Strong Overlay 35.00

BIAB In Fill & Redo 38.00

Salon Available

Pinewood 01473 687758 | Foxhall Road 01473 716654

Treatment Info

Gel nail minimum age 14 | last up to 3 weeks

The OPI GelColor System - Hair Ministry Beauty Salons Ipswich 

The OPI GelColor system can be used on both hands and feet and typically lasts 3-4 weeks depending on your lifestyle.  The ultra thin OPI gel colour system is flexible and protective with the feel and look of nail polish but the strength and durability of gel nails.  The ground-breaking OPI LED light technology seals the colour to the nails in just 30 seconds per set to be completely dry with no chance of mani or pedi mishaps. After expertly filing and polishing the nails, your Hair Ministry nail technician will ask you to select a colour from the OPI GelColor range of gel nail colours.

S T E P   O N E 

The OPI GelColor System base coat is applied and the hands or feet then placed under the OPI LED light to set. This gentle base coat is the perfect foundation for long lasting gel colour.

S T E P   T W O

Once the OPI GelColor polish has been chosen, using the custom brush the gel polish is expertly applied for a smooth, streak free application. Again, the hands or feet are put under the OPI LED light to set for 30 seconds per hand or foot.

S T E P   T H R E E

The OPI GelColor topcoat formula is applied over the rich OPI colour to finally cure and set the whole manicure or pedicure. You are instantly ready to go with your durable, long lasting gel nail polish from OPI and Hair Ministry!

OPI GelColor nails are great for girls on the go, those who use their hands for work, those who want long lasting gel results and they're particularly good for holidays, standing up to the abrasive sandy beaches and looking fantastic in open toe shoes.

Gel Nail Removal

The OPI GelColor system also has a custom removal process. The OPI Expert Touch removal wraps are simple, gentle and effective when it comes to removing gel nails.  They allow targeted saturation of the gel nails for quick and easy removal.  This is a much safer method of removal than filing and buffing, ensuring as much of the natural nail is retained as possible.

2 thoughts on “Nails at Hair Ministry

  1. Hi. I like to have gel polish on my natural nails. However, I do currently have one broken nail – do you do nail enhancements? Do you also do French on natural nails. How much would you charge for French and for removal? I am interest in the salon on Foxhall Road. With kindest regards, Suzi.

    1. hi suzi yes you can have the broken nail done with sculpture a very natural nail enhancement. full set of gels is £20.00 I would think she will charge around £5.00 for the enhancement and French. removal is £5.00. you can book online through our website.
      warm regards

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